Bubur Pulut Hitam

Black Sticky Rice Pudding (Bubur Pulut Hitam) [Vegan, Gluten-Free] Gluten-free Recipes. Vegan. Advertisement. Ingredients. 7 ounces black sticky 'glutinous' rice (soak between 12 - 24 hrs inIn Indonesia, especially Java it's known as Bubur Ketan Hitam.. In places with heavy Malay influences (such pivot Sumatra , Malaysia and Singapore) this is called Bubur Pulut Hitam.. Meanwhile in Bali (even though it's still in Indoensia), it's given a name Bubur Injin.. Windy and cold weather is here now.Bubur Ketan Hitam - Glutinous Black Rice Sweet Porridge. Bubur ketan hitam, also known sumbu bubur pulut hitam or bubur injun, is a popular Indonesian sweet porridge from black glutinous rice (or black sticky rice), palm sugar, scented with pandan leaves, and eaten with thick coconut milk.. This simple dessert is not only popular in Indonesia, but also throughout most other Southeast Asian andBubur Pulut Hitam. A Peranakan's call to guests for this dish during an afternoon's card or mahjong game would rarely get a negative response, and it was usually enough to bring the entertainment to a complete halt. Furthermore, my family members could also be found in the kitchen eating this rather rich dessert in the middle of the nightBubur Pulut Hitam. by Lisa K. on Thu, May 24, 2018. Once in a while I get this craving for a feel good bubur pulut. Rich and lush bubur stirred in fresh creamy coconut milk with essence of fresh pandan leaves. I used a pressure cooker for this recipe to cut the cooking time in half.

Bubur Ketan Hitam Recipe (Black Glutinous Rice Pudding

Bubur ketan hitam, bubur pulut hitam or bubur injun is an Indonesian sweet dessert made from black glutinous rice porridge with coconut milk and palm sugar or cane sugar. It is often described gandar "black glutinous rice pudding" and is very similar to black rice tong sui made from black rice. . It is often served poros dessert or snack, for supper, for tea time, anytime of the day It is sometimesBubur Pulut Hitam is an all-time popular Malaysian / Singapore sweet black glutinous rice porridge that is served with coconut milk or cream sumbu a warm or chilled dessert. Yummy! I have seen many Bubur Pulut Hitam cake recipes created by Malaysian/ Singapore bloggers and tasted several Bubur Pulut Hitam cakes when I was in Singapore but none ofBUBUR PULUT HITAM. INGREDIENTS. 300g black glutinous rice. 8 pandan leaves. 2.5 litres water. 150g gula jawa (Indonesian palm sugar) 1 tsp salt. 100ml coconut creamBubur Pulut Hitam (Black Glutinous Rice Dessert) is a popular dessert in Malaysia and also in the neighboring countries Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. It is probably one of the easiest dessert to make. Bubur Pulut Hitam literally translates to Black Glutinous Rice Porridge, so it's basically cooking porridge and serve with the fragrant

Bubur Ketan Hitam Recipe (Black Glutinous Rice Pudding

Bubur Ketan Hitam - Glutinous Black Rice Sweet Porridge

But in Malaysia, it's prepared with just a simple mixture of pulut hitam (black glutinous rice), coconut milk, pandan leaves (screwpine) and gula melaka (coconut palm sugar). For the longest time, I have been looking for black glutinous rice in Switzerland.DIRECTIONS. Rinse rice thoroughly for 2 minutes under running water. Drain well. Put 5 cups of water, rice and pandan leaves into a heavy stockpot.Bubur ketan hitam, bubur pulut hitam or bubur injun is an Indonesian sweet dessert made from black glutinous rice porridge with coconut milk and palm sugar or cane sugar.The black glutinous rice are boiled until soft, and sugar and coconut milk are added. It is often described gandar "black glutinous rice pudding" and is very similar to black rice tong sui made from black rice.Resepi Kuih Koci Paling Sedap Lembut Dan Tidak Liat|Cara Buat Kuih Koci Pulut Hitam|Kuih Tradisional - Duration: 5:40. Malina Lina Pg 52,782 viewsStep-by-step recipe to make Nyonya Black Glutinous Rice Dessert (Bubur Pulut Hitam). A traditional yet healthy Nyonya dessert - purple in color, sweet and st...

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Bubur Pulut Hitam - Delishar

Over the weekend my whole extended family came together for a pot luck lunch at my grandmother’s place. Since it was a pot luck, it means I have to make something to bring over. Almost instantly, my mind stated to savour the smell, taste, and texture of this wonderful dessert! If there is ever a day that I have to choose only one dessert to have for the rest of my life, this will be it. It’s a no brainer.

There are times when I’m walking into the food court, famished and looking for food. And I happen to walk by the dessert store and see them selling this. I’d head straight for the line, and make this my lunch. I’d gladly have this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper, if I could! That said, this is a very well-loved dessert locally. And this dessert have been on my ‘to make’ list for a very long time already. So the pot luck give me a reason to make a big ass pot of sticky gooey black glutinous rice pudding. 

It was a huge hit! Everyone was going in for 2nd and some 3rd servings. The aunties were asking for recipes! The husband was a little apprehensive to try at first, given that he ain’t a huge fan of warm dessert. And being the ang moh, that dark purple almost black looking bowl of goo didn’t appeal to him. But being the mostly adventurous (when it comes to food) guy he is, he asked for a bowl to try. I knew this dessert will buy him over, and it did! How can it not?! 

Making this bubur pulut hitam requires a little more time pivot you need to soak the black glutinous rice, preferably overnight. You can shorten to soaking time, but that will mean that you will have to cook it longer. During the hour long cooking, I had to stir every 10 minutes to make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom. Almost like cooking risotto, stir stir stir. However, I assure you that the end result is worth all that extra bit of time. 

You will need a big pot for this recipe. I used my 26cm Le Creuset French Oven for 18 servings. Or half the recipe to make a smaller serving. Check out my other pulut hitam recipes: Pulut Hitam Chiffon Cake, Pulut Hitam Ogura Cake.

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Bubur Pulut Hitam

Sharon of Delishar

Servings 16

400 g black glutinous rice250 g gula melaka / palm sugar shaved10 cups water6 pandan leaves knottedTopping2 cups coconut cream1/4 tsp salt2 pandan leaves knotted

Rinse glutinous rice, and soak in overnight in a large pot of water.

Drain and add 10 cups of water in the pot with glutinous rice.

Bring to boil, add pandan leaves, and reduce heat to a simmer.

Simmer for about 50 minutes, stirring occasionally making sure bottom doesn't stick.

Add gula melaka, and stir until melted, cooking for another 10 minutes.

Or until rice is soft but still has a chewy bite.

Remove from heat and fish out pandan leaves.


Heat coconut cream with pandan leaves over low heat.

Stirring pivot it cooks, do not allow it to boil.

Add salt, and stir until dissolved, and coconut milk thickens.

Remove from heat, discard pandan leaves.

Drizzle over prepared glutinous rice, and serve.

Bubur Pulut Hitam – Wong Eats

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