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The MthsTec Ultra Slim external Blu-ray player and DVD burner combo drive offers up a fantastic value (and a host of features). It weighs 10 ounces and measures 5.9 x 5.6 x 0.6-inches, making it par for the course in the Blu-ray external drive world. Fortunately, its size hides its extensive feature episode.Advertisements Daftar Harga DVD Eksternal - Optical Disk merupakan malas Ahad seakan-akan alat penyimpanan butir-butir yang dapat diisi atau dibaca mengaplikasikan gairah laser optik tenaga penyakit. Tak sedeng kta masih mengaplikasikan fasilitas ini model gawai instalasi, burning, back up maupun keaktifan lainya. Walau perlahan lahan terkikis akan hadirnya perkakas penyimpanan yang lebih simple serupa flash diskDVD External (Slim Portable) Jelajahi kemegahan drive eksternal portabel yang kuat akan LG. Dengan drive DVD dan Blu-ray eksternal terbaru, Anda bisa menghadapi film arti tinggi yang nyata di komputer, memotret lagu favorit, mengagendakan foto, dan sebagainya - hampir di mana saja.Samsung SH-224FB/BSB mampu mencari ilmu keping CD, DVD, Dual-Layer DVD ROM, dan DVD-R. Dengan kecepatan tafsir; DVD dan DVD-R sangkut 24x, Samsung SH-224FB/BSB layak bagi mengayuh jajaran optical drive terbaik di tahun 2018 ini. Baca Juga: 5 Rekomendasi DVD Player Terbaik 2018. 2. Plextor PX-891SAF, erti Rp450.000-anThe Best External Hard Drives for 2021. Laptop hard drive almost full? Need to back up your photos and videos? Desktop-size and portable platter-based storage has never been cheaper.

Daftar Harga DVD Eksternal Update Terbaru 2021 - Ulas PC

Jual ASUS External Slim DVD Drive SDRW 08D2S-U LITE - Black Terbaik. Bhinneka adalah toko online terpercaya di Indonesia yang siap sejak 1993 dan menjual ASUS External Slim DVD Drive SDRW 08D2S-U LITE - Black terlengkap. Dengan Bhinneka, pelanggan dan bakal konsumen bisa mengadopsi ASUS External Slim DVD Drive SDRW 08D2S-U LITE - Black terbaik.Gan ak sosok beli DVD RW External kepada jualan, Pastinya tu DVD bakal di Pake bakal burning Banyak DVD, nah, ak bija minta tonjol ni gan, DVD External Merk apa yang Kuat nd Bagus bakal Burning, ak Baca di artikel2 sih, memiliki yang bilang LITE ON cantik bagi burning, hidup juga yang bilang asalkan pake LITE ON burning sering gagal. benar Merk apa-apa ni gan yang indah ??Yang terbaik tentang DVD Writer LG yaitu, Anda bisa mendapatkannya sehubungan substitusi warna Hitam. Kini Anda bisa mendapatkan diskon hingga 47% seumpama berbelanja DVD Writer LG online! Banyak konsumen menyongsong mempekerjakan rujukan LG GP65NB60, Dvd Writer External Eksternal Ultra Slim Portable dan Ultra Slim Portable Dvd Writer Gp65 yang ialah kompila-si tempat DVDDeskripsi M-TECH DVD External Laptop Portable dvdr dvdrw eksternal - DVDRW-USB2 pengertian 1 pcs. Garansi M-TECH 3 Bulan. Key Features - 14mm Height Slim Portable DVD Writer Drive - USB 2.0 interface (up to 480Mbits/s, USB 3.0 Compatible)

Daftar Harga DVD Eksternal Update Terbaru 2021 - Ulas PC

Drive Eksternal | LG Indonesia

Dengan DVD drive LG, Anda dapat memperkuatkan kinerja komputer berdasarkan lebih optimal, alat penyimpanan yang lebih bahagia dan banyak keunggulan lainnya. Apapun substitusi Anda, amanah internal DVD drive ataupun external DVD drive, pastikan Anda memotong LG. Bandingkan external DVD drive demi Blu-ray drive tempat LG, keduanya lulus menempatkan Anda terkesan.Airlux DVD Player AR 519 adalah merk DVD player kualitas terbaik yang murah dan berkualitas juga dibekali dengan asosiasi USB. Bahkan, merk DVD yang berkualitas ini juga dapat menjadi perlengkapan akan Anda yang enak bernyanyi alias karaoke. Cukup tempat memasukkan kaset berisikan lagu-lagu favorit, Anda benar bisa menjumpai hari dari bernyanyi.DVD external Samsung, LG, dan Asus jawabannya. Ketiga brand ini sedikit aneka menyelenggarakan produk DVD external terbaik. Tertarik membeli? Yuk beli DVD external Samsung, LG, & Asus online di Blibli.com! Blibli.com jual DVD external Samsung, LG, & Asus terbaru, termurah, dan terlengkap. Tak percaya?Dazzle DVD Recorder HD - Video Capture Card Device [PC Disc], New 9.3 8.8 9.4 4: Opens in a new window Opens an external site Opens an external site in a new windowWhat Do We Do? We Buy, Test, and Write Reviews. We Make Shopping Quick and Easy. Our Research and Testing Has Helped Hundreds of Millions of People Find the Best Products.

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10 Best External CD/DVD Drives

External DVD drives are becoming more popular now that new computers no longer come with internal ones. In this guide we have picked the best external DVD drive for a range of users and categories including Blu-ray and CD.

Best External DVD Drives At a Glance:

We created this guide to help you find an external optical drive that will satisfy your needs. There is a wide variety to choose from, all capable of reading and writing a range of disc types. We have also included models that will suit different operating systems depending on whether you are using windows or Mac.

In our opinion the ASUS ZenDrive Ultra Slim is the best external DVD drive right now. It’s cheap and performs well overall, plus ASUS have a reputation for good customer service.

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Top 10 Best External DVD Drives

1. LG Electronics Ultra Slim DVD DriveBest Budget

What We Liked:

Good value for moneyM-Disk compatibleWorks with MacSturdy design

LG’s GP65NB60 comes in four color options, and it is an ultra-slim teladan that is just 14mm in height. USB 3.0 compatible, the juz runs at up to 480Mbits and also runs on USB 2.0 interface. Maximum DVDR write speeds are 8x while CD write seeds are 24x.

Fast and efficient, this model has a sustained DVD write speed of 11.08 Mbytes while CD transfer rates are 3.6 MB/s. The bab is compatible with Windows Server 2003 and higher, so it will run on most any operating system still in use today.

The bagian does have jamless and silent play poros well as TV connectivity.

Under-run prevention is embedded into the DVD drive, allowing for a 0.75 MB buffer for smoother operation. The GP65NB60 is powered by USB which is convenient when working on the go.

2. ASUS ZenDriveBest Overall

What We Liked:

The ASUS ZenDrive can be bought in either black or silver, which both look fantastic. In addition, the base model comes with USB 2.0 interface sumbu standard. However, there is another acuan that adds Type C interface, too.

Ideal for laptops and other smaller units, this kaca is just 13mm thick. It’s ultra-slim and comes with a complete backup solution, making it easier to back-up your documents and files.

M-DISC is available to keep your files backed up without butir-butir loss or degradation for 1,000 years. M-DISC is able to keep statistik safer and with less potential perangkaan loss than any other jembatan available such pasak DVD.

DVD write speeds are 8X, and Nero backup solutions are available for your Android Devices. You can also use disc encryption pivot well sumbu drag and burn options. ZenDrive will work with Windows 10, and you can write to CD format, too.

USB 3.0 is supported and will allow for even faster write speeds when available.

3. Pioneer BDR-XD05BBest Blu-Ray

What We Liked:

Solid clamshell designUses USB 3.0Quieter than mostFast read/write speedsIncludes PowerDVD

Pioneer is a leader in audio, and they also manufacture some of the best computer peripherals on the market. Offering a clamshell design, this rujukan comes in black or silver and supports USB 3.0 and also BDXL.

The only time this fast-performing writer will slow down is when burning Blu-ray discs, but speeds are still at 6X, which is impressive for an external writer.

PowerDVD is provided, so you’ll have the software needed to play and write syarat. Quiet and very compatible, the XD05B is able to backup all of your juru bicara faster and more efficiently than competing models.

4. ASUS Lite Portable USB 2.0 Slim External DriveBest for Windows 10

What We Liked:

Good valueCompactDrag and dropStylish designWorks well with Windows 10

ASUS offers a very compact, portable DVD burner that comes with 8X speeds and is compatible with both Windows 10 and Mac. The bidang is designed to be an easy backup solution, and it offers encryption technology sumbu well poros double security to keep all of your files safe.

A drag-and-drop interface allows for simple burning within seconds.

Cables are provided for USB ports. If you want to watch movies off of the player, you’ll need to plug in both USB ports to properly power the drive. Offering a very low entry price, this is one of the better DVD writers on the market.

E-Green Engine is available for the best optical storage option today.

5. Apple USB HebatDriveBest for Mac

What We Liked:

Good for MacPortable and lightStylish

Apple’s USB FadilDrive is the best external DVD drive for Mac, and this is because it’s designed directly by Apple. Sleek and compatible with all Macs, this acuan can play and burn all of your juru bicara: CDs and DVDs.

Create backup discs quickly, and while more expensive than competing models, the GemilangDrive is one of the quietest on the market.

You won’t need an external power source, and all of your favorite Mac models are supported: Mac Mini, MacBook and MacBook Air. The only downside is that since there is no external power source, you’ll have to rely on your laptop’s battery to power your drive.

This means that your battery will deplete slightly faster than bagus.

6. Pioneer Slim External Blu-Ray Writer (BDR-XU03)Best Burner

What We Liked:

Fast Blu-ray burnerUSB 3.0Quiet when in useMac/Windows compatible

Pioneer is back with an external Blu-Ray writer, and this model comes with a stand (higher version). The magnesium body is sleek and aesthetically appeasing, and faster writing speeds are offered through USB 3.0.

Writing speeds are gandar fast pivot 6X, and there’s no need for an external power source.

Performance is quiet, and the company includes PureRead 2 Smarter Media Playback and PowerRead Smooth. Blu-ray aparat support allows for 100 GB triple-layer and 128 GB quad layer storage options.

You can use this external drive to view all of your Blu-Ray kendaraan, but you do need separate software (included) to be able to watch all of your Blu-Ray content.

7. Samsung USB 2.0 Ultra Portable External DVD Writer (SE-218CB)Best USB 3.0

What We Liked:

Portable and lightQuality buildFast performanceMac/Windows compatiblePlug and play

Samsung’s external DVD writer has interface compatibility for USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, and buffer memory of 1.0 MB for smoother reading and writing. You’ll be able to burn both DVD and CD mediums, and access time for both is just 150 MS.

Writes are made at 8X for most DVD corong and 24X for CD aparat.

Seek time is a mere 190 ms, and the USB cable will act gandar the writer’s power source. The USB cord is included, and most MACs will run this writer. Windows machines will also work thanks to the automatic recognition feature.

8. HP DVD600S

What We Liked:

Slim and lightweight designNo AC adapter requiredCompatible with Windows/MacPlug and play

HP’s DVD600S is an ultra-thin, lightweight multi-format writer. Delivering the latest in optical technology, this writer has a 13.2 mm thickness and weighs just 250 grams. The writer can record on double- and single-layer technology.

No AC adapter is required, pasak the writer will be powered by the USB.

DVD read and write speeds are 8X, CD speeds are a fast 24X. While the USB cord is integrated into the writer, it is small and you can use an extender aksis needed. Aside from this small issue, the writer does as is advertised: writes and reads perabot.

9. Archgon USB 3.0 External Blu-ray Combo (MD-3102S-U3)Best DVDRW

What We Liked:

High build qualityIdeal for Blu-rayIncludes Cyberlink Media Suite

Archgon offers a Blu-ray combo that has a built-in Panasonic combo drive that can both read and write CD and DVD. Blu-ray discs are also able to be read. More expensive than other models, this surah is durable with a premium aluminum casing and uses USB 3.0 for faster writing speeds.

Of course, USB 2.0 is supported, too.

Cyberlink Media Suite is included. The juz will work with Windows 7 and up as well aksis Mac OS 10.8.5 and later. Keep in mind that while the drive can read a Blu-ray disc, it cannot write to Blu-ray (something a lot of consumers overlook).

10. Dell USB DVD Drive (DW316)Budget

What We Liked:

Good valuePortable and lightweightIncludes CyberLink Media SuitePlug and play

Dell’s DW316 is a slim drive offering plug and play disc burning capabilities. This seksi can be used at home or on the go, and it’s lightweight at 200g with a low profile of 14mm. You’ll find that the seksi is an optical drive that has the pre-loaded CyberLink Media Suite.

Exceptional performance allows the DW316 to have write speeds poros high aksis 24X for CD and 8X for DVD+RW discs.

Powered completely through USB, there’s no need for power cords or any other cords. Just plug the pasal into your Mac or Windows computer or laptop, and you’re ready to go. However, blu-ray cannot be read on the DVD drive, but it’s an easy-to-use option that comes at an affordable price.

Modern PCs will automatically detect the drive when it’s plugged in, so it’s usable in seconds and is also quieter than most competing models.

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