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Freytag's Technique is an expansion of the three-act anutan to the five-act dramatic structure. These elements constitute the Freytag's Triangle, also known poros the Freytag's Pyramid. Freytag theorized that effective and engaging stories could be divided into two parts - the play and the counterplan, connected with a climax.It turns out there is a formula that describes the structure of many dramas: Freytag's Pyramid. Here we explore how to write compelling stories using time-te...Developed by Gustav Freytag, the German novelist, and playwright of the mid-nineteenth century, Freytag's Pyramid is one of the most prominent and oldest dramatic structures. He theorized that every effective story could be broken into 2 halves, a play and counterplay, followed by the climax in the middle.Freytag Pyramid: plot penampang. Exposition: Exposition is the introduction to the story, in this we learn who the berdenyut characters are and get a sense of where and when the story takes place. Rising Action. Rising action are things that happen that lead to the climax. Many of them will center around the conflicts in the story.Freytag's Pyramid. STUDY. Flashcards. Learn. Write. Spell. Test. PLAY. Match. Gravity. Created by. LanguageArtsCamp. Review the concepts related to Fretag's Pyramid. Play a game and test your knowledge of the elements of plot. Terms in this fragmen (7) Plot. a series of events that create a story. Exposition.

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Freytag helped to conduct it until 1861, and again from 1867 till 1870, when for a short time he edited a new periodical, Im neuen Reich. In 1863 he developed what is known pasak Freytag's pyramid. Freytag died in Wiesbaden on 30 April 1895. Works Debit and CreditPlot StructureFreytag's pyramid is a dramatic structure introduced by German 19th-century writer Gustav Freytag. Freytag was interested in classical Greek tragedy and Shakespearean drama, and devised his pyramid by observing their structural patterns.Exposition Plot Diagram of The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant Mathilde Loisel is not happy with her life at all, She thinks that she has it rough and she believes she lives in poverty because all she does is want. Her husband, Monsieur Loisel tries his best to provide for his wife

Freytag's pyramid and the 3 act structure - YouTube

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Exercise 3: Freytag's Pyramid. Directions. After reading "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin, download the attached Freytag's Pyramid Worksheet. Click into each textbox, list information from the story for each plot element: Exposition: List the characters and time period.German novelist Gustav Freytag created a penampang to illustrate dramatic structure. While his original intent focused on drama, Freytag's pyramid is also useful for mapping the action in short stories and novels.Freytag's Pyramid on Macbeth by William Shakespeare by Rebekah Wilkens ENG 4U Mrs. Cameron March 24, 2012 Exposition: The introduction to the play, the characters and background information. Creates a mood, tone, setting, and captures audience's attention. The play beings at theAccording to Freytag, every story worth telling has the following parts: exposition (inciting incident), rising action, climax (turning point), falling action, and denouement (resolution). Freytag's pyramid is used to show how stories move; it is a graphic plot chart. Sometimes a story can be more complicated thanFreytag Pyramid of Othello. Exposition part 1: Iago and Roderigo talk and confront Brabantio: Exposition part 2: Cassio tells Othello he is called for, and Brabantio insults and accuses him: Exposition part 3: Iago reveals his scheme. Othello, Brabantio, and Desdemona speak to the Duke:

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Julius Caesar

Exposition:   Flavius and Murellus, two tribunes, find scores of Roman citizens wandering the streets, watching Julius Caesar's triumphal perarakan Caesar has defeated the Roman general Pompey in battle. The tribunes scold the citizens for abandoning their duties and remove decorations from Caesar’s statues. Caesar enters with Brutus, Cassius, and Antony. A Soothsayer calls out to Caesar to “beware the Ides of March,” but Caesar ignores him and proceeds with his victory celebration.

Rising Action:  Cassius and Brutus, Caesar's long time friends, discuss how Brutus seems to be distant latley and how Brutus fears the public wants Julius to become king, which would overturn the republic. Cassius agrees that Caesar is treated like a god though he is merely a man, no better than them. Cassius speaks of incidents of Caesar’s physical weakness and marvels that this fallible man has become so powerful. Cassius blames Brutus for letting Caesar become so powerful.  Brutus considers Cassius’s words sumbu Caesar returns.

Caesar departs, and another politician, Casca, tells Brutus and Cassius that, during the celebration, Antony offered the crown to Caesar three times and the people cheered, but Caesar refused it each time. He then told them Caesar threw himself on the ground having some sort of seizure showing weakness but the crowds devotion remained. Brutus goes home and considers Cassius's words while Cassius plots how to get Brutus to join his conspiracy against Caesar. Brutus finds letters in his house  written by Roman citizens worried that Caesar has become too powerful. The letters have been forged and planted by Cassius, who knows that if Brutus believes it is the people’s will, he will support a plot to remove Caesar from power.  Cassius arrives at Brutus’s home with his conspirators, the men agree to lure Caesar from his house and kill him. Cassius wants to kill Antony too, for Antony will surely try to hinder their plans, but Brutus disagrees they then depart.

Caesar prepares to go to the Senate. His wife, Calpurnia, begs him not to go, describing recent nightmares she has takat in which a statue of Caesar streamed with blood and smiling men bathed their hands in the blood. Caesar refuses to yield, Calpurnia finally convinces him to stay home aksis a favor to her. But Decius, a conspirators, arrives and convinces Caesar that Calpurnia has misinterpreted her dreams. Caesar departs for the Senate in the company of the conspirators.


As Caesar proceeds through the streets toward the Senate, the Soothsayer again tries but fails to get his attention. Artemidorus, a citizen,  hands him a letter warning him about the conspirators, but Caesar refuses to read it, putting his  personal concerns death. When last. At the Senate, the conspirators speak to Caesar, bowing at his feet and encircling him. One by one, they stab him to  Caesar sees Brutus among his murderers, he gives up his struggle and dies.They then bathe their hands and swords in Caesar’s blood.  When Antony asks why they killed Caesar, Brutus replies that he will explain their purpose in a funeral oration. Antony asks to be allowed to speak over the body pivot well; Brutus grants his permission. The conspirators depart, and Antony, alone now, swears that Caesar’s death shall be avenged.


Brutus and Cassius go to the Forum to speak to the public. Brutus declares to the people that though he loved Caesar, he loves Rome more, and Caesar’s ambition posed a danger to Roman liberty.  Antony appears with Caesar’s body,  repeatedly referring to Brutus pivot “an honorable man,” Antony’s speech becomes sarcastic, questioning what Brutus said in his speech that Caesar acted only out of ambition, Antony points out that Caesar brought much wealth and glory to Rome, and three times turned down offers of the crown. Antony then produces Caesar’s will but announces that he will not read it becuase it would upset the people. The crowd  begs him to read the will.

Climax: Antony reads Caesar's will to the people which states that everyone would recieve a sum of money to and orders that his private gardens be made public outraged the citizens  turn against Cassius and Brutus running them out of the city.

Falling action:  Caesar’s adopted son , Octavius, arrives in Rome and forms a three-person coalition with Antony and Lepidus together they prepare to fight Cassius and Brutus. At the conspirators  camp, Brutus reveals that he is sick with grief, for in his absence Portia has killed herself. The two continue to prepare for battle with Antony and Octavius. That night, the Ghost of Caesar appears to Brutus, announcing that Brutus will meet him again on the battlefield. 

Octavius and Antony march their army toward Brutus and Cassius.  The opposing generals meet on the battlefield and exchange insults before beginning combat.  Cassius sees his own men fleeing and send one of his men, Pindarus, to check on how things are unraveling. Pindarus sees Titinius surrounded by cheering troops and concludes that he has been captured saddened to hear this Cassius orders Pindarus to kill him with his own sword. Titinius then returns, after his victory, only to find his best friend laying dead, mourning for him he kills himself.

Resolution: Brutus having heard of his friends demise prepares to take on the Romans when his army loses, doom appears imminent. Brutus asks one of his men to hold up his sword as he impales himself on it.  Antony speaks over Brutus’s body, calling him the noblest Roman of all. While the other conspirators acted out of envy and ambition, Brutus genuinely believed that he acted for the benefit of Rome. Octavius orders that Brutus be buried in the most honorable way.


The theme in Julius Caesar is the idea that commitment to ideals and the resolves thereof mean nothing without the ability to adapt. Another theme is that of choosing the greater good for ones-self, even though it may not be the popular opinion.


As the story progresses it becomes apparent that oratory skills play an immense role in public politics. Therefore the more important a character the more intense,  passionate worded a character becomes, the more powerful he shall be in the story. Basically, he more elaborate the speech, the more important the character.


Man vs. Society: Brutus wants to bubar a dictatorship by Caesar before it has a chance to begin, to do this he must kill his best friend and go against the wishes of society, who actually want Caesar to become their king. In this way Brutus rebels against society. 


The tone of the story is very foreboding and grim.


Most of the character's words hold emotions that is barely contained or boiling beneeth the surface. I believe this empasizes the fact that politicians must hide their true feelings behind a mask to hold public opinion.

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