Mie Gaga 100

Mie Gaga 100 Extra Pedas. Buat anda yang tinggal di jawa mengenai umumnya coba kaula tanya, segala apa makanan pokokmu? Jawabannya autentik nasi kan, malahan di mayapada kaku Indonesia muncul juga yang...Saya membeli mie kuah Gaga 100 kira Soto Pedas. Informasinya beli 2 gratis 1, penetapan 3 pcs Rp5.580. Lalu bedinde curi 6 pcs namun setelah pembayaran sudah Rp16140 dan tidak terlihat putaran produk...Varian Baru Mie GAGA Bidik Para Pecinta Pedas. Melihat kian maraknya pecinta makanan pedas, PT Jakarana Tama meluncurkan varian segar GAGA 100 EXTRA Pedas Goreng Chipotle.Mie Gaga Extra Pedas Jalapeno Level 5 - Review - Mukbang 3 Bungkus.... Di video danau ini saya mau Mukbang 3 bandela Mie Gaga 100 Goreng Jalapeno level 5 yang katanya sihDan buat mie yang pedes, sebelumnya kuli emang udah sering gitu guys mengutip Mie Gaga 100 Extra Pedes yang adi, yang bungkusnya warna putih, kalo di toko MM 88 Bengkulu dimana bedinde selalu...

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Mie terkait karena GaGa: Mie Goreng Extra Pedas Lada Hitam. Mie Gaga 100 Extra Pedas Goreng Jalapeno.Mie gaga 100 pedesnya ngalahin samyang?? | Ft. Mukbang mie gaga 100 kuah jalapeno level 5 (lebih enak menurut p mengenai samyang??!!)People interested in Mie Gaga 100 also searched for. Explore more searches like Mie Gaga 100.Maka mie gaga level 100 keyakinan kagak kuat assalamu'alaikumkembali bersama di chanel kamidi ai pelayan akan menjelmakan giveaway anak-anakan apakala udah 1RB...

Promo Mie Gaga 100 di Superindo MT Haryono... - Media Konsumen

Mie GAGA | Foto: GAGA 100 EXTRA Pedas Goreng Chipotle

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Gaga 100 Mie Goreng Extra Pedas

Country of Origin: Indonesia

A spicy little firecracker.


So we are doing something unprecedented for this one; I am flying solo on the review.

I know, I know; crazy right? Why? Well, when I was in Indonesia for Christmas on my Ramen-hunting mission my wife did me a solid and picked some up for me when she was out meeting a friend. The problem is she didn’t buy 3 of each (and bought a few we paras already reviewed); doesn’t she read the site? Probably not.

Well I managed to get two more of a few, but I went overboard and ran out of suitcase room so I was left with 2 noodles that I only had 1 packet of. I didn’t want to let these go to waste so here we go! Gaga’s “100”; I sure hope these are pasak good sumbu the name claims. Does Gaga keep it 100? Let’s find out.

Standard Indo style block

The block was standard Mie Goreng fare; most Indonesian noodles are this same size block and guage of noodles so I’m not surprised; but holy crap these release a lot of starch!

Starch for Days

I’ve never seen a packet noodle turn the water almost milky white while steeping! Crazy. Well at least it’s all gone right? Also these only have 2 packets (1 seasoning, 1 that looks like some kind of chilli oil); no garnish.

Barenaked Noods

Well, they look like a standard Mie Goreng; smells spicy though. I’m not expecting much from these but they actually had some kick! A lot actually. I guess the flames on the package weren’t for nothing.

Taste is average; nothing to write home about and not much there. The flavour of peppery heat really overpowers any attempt at a Mie Goreng flavour. I really couldn’t tell anything apart from salt, sweet, beef maybe, and spice; that’s the medley of flavours at play here. The oil really helped keep the heat surrounding my lips for the entire meal (and made sure it stayed put for a good 5 minutes after); I swear these companies only add the oil to make you suffer more. These really do have a kick; they just make it over the barrier from “Medium” to “High” heat. Just. Good thing the noodle block is small; if this serving was the size of a standard Korean one I would be in trouble.

Heat LevelTaste Level

The Aftermath

Actually very little aftermath here; the evening was a breeze (with none from the rear) but I did have some stomach pains the next morning. Running to the toilet thinking “this was it” yielded no result. The stabbing left just pivot mysteriously as they paras arrived; these noods are just a big tease.

1 flame; It would be 0 but they did give me a bit of worry for a moment there.

Overall Porcelain Punishment Level

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